About the CEO

The CEO Michigan Maple Syrup, Inc is Jesse P. Stevens, a man who needs no introduction in this great state. Jesse P. Stevens was born in Grosse Pointe Michigan soon after the Great Pacific War to an executive high in the upper echelons of General Motors. He did not do well in school, and started demonstrating a tendency to play the truant; he seemed to be going down a rather dangerous road. But then suddenly, while he was in college, he discovered Michigan Maple Syrup, a company that was being run at that time by his roommate’s father. The company was on shaky ground financially, but Jesse P. Stevens, seeing its potential, gave it a large infusion of cash (which he got from his inheritance), and the rest is history: he went on to turn Michigan Maple Syrup, Inc. into one of the fastest-growing, most successful companies in the entire United States.