Michigan Maple Syrup CEO talks about lawn care in Arvada, Colorado

Lawn care Arvada? Really? Why are we at Michigan Maple Syrup talking about lawn care in Arvada, Colorado?

Well, as many of our longtime readers of this blog know—the private and personal blog of Jesse P. Stevens, the president of Michigan Maple Syrup, Inc.— my wife Monica Stevens, not only the partner of my life but also the vice president of this company, was born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, more than sixty years ago.

And because of that Monica and I travel out to Colorado, from our large estate here in Northville, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, at least once and sometimes twice a year.


Last year, in 2015, we went out twice, once in the winter and once in the summer. And when we went out in the summer all the grass was growing, of course, and the flowers were blooming and blossoming, and everything was so gorgeous that Monica and I spent one entire afternoon just driving around Arvada and looking at all the beautifully kept lawns in the city.

It was very obvious that there were a great many really first class lawn care companies in Arvada, Colorado, because so many of the lawns we saw were not only very large but also very finely manicured.

How on earth could anyone do such a finely manicured job on a lawn? That’s what I started to ask myself that day. And in order to find an answer to that question, the very next day I started calling up lawn care companies in Arvada and asking them how they did it—how they managed to so finely manicure so many lawns in the way that they did.

And it is my intention to give you a report about what they told me that day—that warm sunny day in the summer of 2015.

Be sure to visit this blog tomorrow, because I will be giving you all the details then.